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Lil Bub Subscription Box

I had the honor of designing the theme, products, and packaging for a super fun Pop Art inspired subscription box for Lil BUB!

Each subscription box was designed by a different illustrator to provide a variety of different styles each time. I decided on a Pop Art theme as I felt the style suited Lil BUB’s fun, iconic identity. The imagery was a combination of classic Pop Art references (soup can) and Lil Bub’s origin story (space theme).The Pop Art designs were loved by BUB fans and went on to be included on other products in the future-including blankets, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and more.

A percentage of all subscription box purchases went to animals in need, which made this all the more exciting to be involved with.

This was an absolute dream to work on!


Client : Lil BUB, LLC

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